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Agencja detektywistyczna PiT Detektywi Poznań

PiT Detective Bureau was established for the purpose of solving human problems. Insight, reliability, and access to the latest technology allows us to offer services at the highest level both at home and abroad.

An extensive network of contacts, cooperation with major law firms in the market and cooperation with other experienced detectives in the industry provides us not only  with efficiency but allows  to reach information not available to the average citizen.

The priority of our work is always a full discretion, taking care of the confidentiality of information and the protection of and respect for the reputation of the client. Each case is treated individually, and the collected data is constituted as a full-fledged evidence.

PiT Detective Bureau has an entry in the register of detective activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and the team consists of licensed Detectives. To maintain the highest standards we have a civil liability insurance in scope of conducted activity.

Do not look for a a good detective any more . Working with licensed PiT's detectives   from Poznan, you can be sure about the speed and efficiency of operation and maintenance of  full discretion when providing detective services.